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The New Employment Act
The Employment Bill passed by the Parliament was retified by the president in May 2008. Under the Act it is compulsory for the employers to have a written contract of employment before taking in any employees. Read more..
Mazlan Rasheed, LL.M (Buckingham), LL.B (Hons) (London)
(Senior Partner)

Mr. Mazlan Rasheed graduated with a LL.B Honours degree from the University of London in 2000, he has been in full private law practice in the Maldives working on a range of important projects. Mazlan is one of the Senior Partners at the firm and is actively involved in our corporate, commercial and banking law practice. Mazlan specialises in commercial and international law and has been advising banks, financial institutions and private sector in a wide variety of legal issues.  Mazlan also advises on criminal law, particularly at appellate level. Mazlan maintains a busy litigations practice and represents clients at the Civil Court and High Court on commercial cases.

Mazlan also maintains a sharp academic interest, and is a part time lecturer at the Faculty of Shari'ah & Law of the Maldives College for Higher Education.  He is well respected by his colleagues and students for his incisive lectures in jurisprudence, evidence, contracts, criminal and law of tort.

Mazlan Rasheed is currently one of the Vice-President’s of The Law Society of Maldives which is the entity responsible for the representation of lawyers in the Maldives. Mr. Rasheed is also the President of the Society for the Promotion of Democracy in the Maldives, an NGO trying to spread awareness about democracy, good governance and rule of law in the Maldives. 

Contact mobile number: +0960 7777590
Emial:[email protected]

Ahmed Murad, LL.M (Leiden), LL.B (Hons) (Middlesex)
(Senior Partner)

Murad read law from Middlesex University, United Kingdom in year 2000 and later obtained an Advanced LL.M. in Air and Space Law from Leiden University, The Netherlands. Upon completion of his studies and returning to the Maldives in July 2000 he worked as the legal counsel for the Civil Aviation of Authority of Maldives until August 2006 before forming the partnership Mazlan & Murad Law Associates.

He has a wide range of exposure and experience in commercial and corporate law practice. He advices public limited companies, a large number of private limited companies, banks, insurance companies, airlines, airport operators, high-net-worth individuals and a large portfolio of clients in the tourism industry. He has assisted many foreign companies to establish their presence in the Maldives and continues to advice clients on high level legal issues.

Contact mobile number: + 960 7787675
Email: [email protected]

Ahmed Niyaz, LL.M (Leicester), PGDL, LPC (De Montfort), BSc (Hons)

Ahmed Niyaz obtained a BSc (Joint Honours) in Business and Legal Studies degree from the University of Wales, Newport in 2002 and then went onto complete the Post Graduate Diploma in Law (PGDL) and Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice (LPC) at De Montfort University, Law School.
He also holds a Masters degree in International Commercial Law (LLM) from the University of Leicester (2006). He specialises in Commercial Law and IP/IT Law.

He maintains a keen interest on academic research specialising in the Maldives tourism and history. Niyaz has published two books and journal papers on this subject. He has also reviewed and drafted various bills (legislative) for the Maldives authorities.

Niyaz worked at the Ministry of Tourism, Maldives, for two years where he gained in-depth knowledge of tourism industry. He has worked in the Insolvency department of British Gas Business for four years dealing with corporate debt write offs. He has also worked as a Document Automation Editor at Practical Law Company, London. He joined Mazlan & Murad Law Associates as an Associate in 2010.

Email: [email protected]

Aminath Nasreena, LL.M (IMO IMLI) (University Malta), LL.B (FSL) (Maldives College of Higher Edudation) (Associate)

Aminath Nasreena obtained a LL.B in Shariah and Law from the Faculty of Shariah and Law, Maldives College of Higher Education in 2008. She also holds a Masters Degree in Maritime Law from the IMO, International Maritime Law Institute, University of Malta.

Upon completion of her studies, Ms Nasreena worked at State Trading Organization Public Limited Company from 2008 till 2012 as a Company Lawyer advising the company of impact, interpretation and implementation of new policies and legislation, coordinating disciplinary and grievance committee, advising colleagues and management on legal issues as well as representing the Company in the lower courts and the Employment Tribunal of the Maldives.

Ms.Nasreena also acted as the lawyer to the Tender Committee, Credit Committee and Disciplinary and Grievance Committee of State Trading Organization Public Limited Company.

She is an enthusiastic lawyer with drive, determination and great team working skills constantly focused on resolving legal issues and looking for ways to improve and evolve the process. She joined Mazlan and Murad Law Associates as an Associate in May 2012.

Email: [email protected]

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