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The New Employment Act
The Employment Bill passed by the Parliament was retified by the president in May 2008. Under the Act it is compulsory for the employers to have a written contract of employment before taking in any employees. Read more..


We appreciate and understand that costs minimisation is particularly important for all our clients.  We are therefore a primary service-based Law Firm and we use our best endeavours at all times to provide our clients with the highest standards of professional service in the most economical manner.  Our aim is to avoid surprises by giving an estimate of the likely costs involved at the outset where we can, and by keeping clients in the picture as far as possible if circumstances change.  We can also work to ceiling and budget figures or offer you guaranteed representation through retention. 

Our Firm has a reputation for not being “clock watchers”: we do not charge or bill our clients for every single telephone call or letter or advice given.  As a result of this flexibility, our clients are able to see us as their business colleagues to whom they can turn to for advice at any time, without fear or apprehension that an exorbitant invoice will subsequently be in the post!

We offer three typical types of fee structures for our services:-

1- Hourly charges;
2- Monthly Retained Legal Counsel rates with minimum number of hours;
3- Project rate: varying flat fixed rate depending on nature of project and scope of works.

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