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The New Employment Act
The Employment Bill passed by the Parliament was retified by the president in May 2008. Under the Act it is compulsory for the employers to have a written contract of employment before taking in any employees. Read more..


WE GUARANTEE THE QUALITY OF OUR LEGAL SERVICES.  Clients can be sure that all legal work that comes from this law firm will be of the highest calibre.  

WE GUARANTEE TO RETURN PHONE CALLS PROMPTLY.  We promise to return phone calls of our clients as soon as possible.  

WE GUARANTEE THE FEE WE QUOTED YOU.  On every project we will provide clients with a fee quote.  No matter how long it takes us, it will never cost you one cent more. Once we quote a fee, we stick to it.  Clients can depend on it.

WE GUARANTEE YOU’LL ALWAYS RECEIVE THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF PERSONAL CARE AND ATTENTION.  Every person in our law firm is here for one purpose: To serve our clients.  When you’re our client, you become part of our family.  And we guarantee you’ll receive the best we offer.

WE GUARANTEE TO MEET ALL DEADLINES.  Few things are as frustrating for clients as deadlines that are not met. This firm wants you to know that you can trust what we
tell you, and meeting a deadline is important to us.  We guarantee to complete all promised work on time.  

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